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Design for kids

What does the expression design for kids refer to? What exactly does it mean? At first glance, this may seem like a trivial question. Actually, the answer is not so obvious.

Very often, objects intended for kids are sloppily thought out and made, with low quality materials and poor design. There is a prevailing idea that, since childhood is a transitional phase, it is not worth investing in good quality, long-lasting products.

But childhood is also, and above all, that crucial stage in which the individual’s aesthetic and social sensibilities are forged. An adult’s creative capacity and autonomy depend largely on what he or she saw, touched and assimilated when he or she was a child, especially in the first months and years of life, when the sense-perceptual capacities are in full development.

“Everything that a child experiences will remain in his memory and will shape his personality. It is up to us adults to pass on to children those inputs that will help them understand and live with others in a creative way.”

Fantasia, Bruno Munari, 1977.

Bruno Munari

This is why for us, at Babylodge®, design has a strong educational value: nothing in our products is left to chance. What drives us is the awareness that every choice will convey a message to the child: visual, tactile, olfactory, and cognitive.

It is important to include the aesthetic dimension in the growth path of every child. Because beauty nurtures emotivity, bringing out our humanity.
As Brunno Munari guessed, it is our duty, as adults, to help children learn to feel and to make distinctions, also through the objects with which we surround them.

Geometry, nature and "reductive" approach

Geometry is the common thread that runs through and unites the entire Babylodge® catalog.
Inspired by the fractal geometries of nature, our furniture plays incessantly with shape, perspective and symmetry.

The visual simplicity of our proposals draws inspiration from Munari’s “reductive” approach, which makes essentiality a true art. The clean, linear aesthetics comes in fact as the result of painstaking design, devoted to “removing” everything that is not needed and creating perfect harmony among all that remains.

Babylodge ® Montessori toddler beds made with natural solid beech wood

In particular, our Montessori beds are characterized by a rigorous geometry in which empty volumes prevail over full volumes. By reproducing the ideal-typical shapes of children’s imagination – a little house, a cottage, a castle – our design speaks directly to children, who will be able to fill the “empty” space with creativity and imagination.

Visually light, but structurally solid and sturdy:in fact, thanks to the constructive solutions devised and the raw materials used, our beds are particularly stable and durable.. In addition, the absence of surface chemical treatments ensures a healthy environment that is also respiratory safe.


Sleek, clean lines.


Crossbars and poles with the same, constant section.


Perfect alignments with no smearing.


Invisible, nail-free grafts.


Solid and durable, does not release resin or splinters.


For maximum stability and strength.


Soft and warm nuances of beech wood.


No paint or varnish added.

Details that matter

As it is known, the range of children’s furniture on the market today is huge: it can be very complicated for a parent to find his or her way around.
As a result, it can be hard to understand what differentiates similar products, partly because of little informative transparency, and partly due to the superficiality – or absence – of many important details.

Below we summarize what really distinguishes our Montessori beds. By tapping on each title you can read its details:

Due to the combination of solid beech wood (frame) with steel (fasteners), our beds are solid and stable.

They do not wobble, they do not collapse, and allow endless assembly and disassembly.

We use wood in its completely natural state, without adding any paints, impregnants or varnishes.
Thus, by not releasing any toxic substances, our beds ensure a healthy and safe environment.

The solid beech wood we use for our furniture comes from sustainably managed German state forests.

In addition, it is PEFC™ certified: meaning it does NOT come from polluted or environmentally unsound lands. Since wood is a “living material,” over time it will release what the plant has breathed during its growth, and because of this, we carefully select its origin.

In addition to providing consistent and even support along the entire body, the panel mattress base:

  • insulates against any thermal changes in the floor;
  • protects against dust, which will not accumulate under the bed.

They can be lengthened with a very handy extension kit, featuring a perfectly integrated and invisible design.

All Babylodge® furniture is handmade in Modena, Italy, in our artisan workshops.

Design for kids: our experience

In conclusion, design is really in Babylodge® DNA. Our “mania” for harmony and geometry has deep roots that can be traced back to an important thinking.

The child is a particularly keen and acute observer, and possesses a “capacity for enchantment” that most adults have lost. No one can focus on details the way children can do, spontaneously.

Even if he is passive or silent – simply because he is still unable to express himself fully – the child’s sensibility must be respected: it is then up to us adults to surround it with beauty and meaningfulness from an early age.

In Babylodge® “design for kids” means exactly that. 💛

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