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Raw materials and Craftsmanship

The selection of raw materials is a very important and crucial stage, because all subsequent processing depends on and descends from it.

Just as in cooking, being a good chef is not enough: you need to use quality ingredients. The same happens in design: knowledge and quality of raw materials is a key aspect.

At Babylodge®, we have made a bold choice: sourcing from nature and relying on the skills of artisans.

Materie prime e lavorazione artigianale

Wood: the purest beech

The products in our catalog are all made of the highest quality, untreated, PEFC™-certified, evaporated solid beech wood sourced from sustainably managed German state forests.

“Solid” is defined as the innermost part of the trunk, which is typically the purest part, characterized by higher performance.
Solid wood is for all intents and purposes the core of the plant, not to be confused with massive wood (the outer part of the trunk, just below the bark) and, more importantly, with all the low-cost, low-quality industrial semi-finished products, such as veneer wood, chipboard or, even, MDF.

Evaporation – or drying – is the steam-based process by which the internal moisture of solid wood is dried. Through this treatment, the wood gains additional strength and, most importantly, stability of form.

We process wood only mechanically (cutting, planing, sanding, milling, etc.), until a smooth and velvety effect is achieved. Since the raw material is pure and noble, we prefer to leave it in its natural state, without adding varnishes, resins or other surface treatments. As a result, since it does not undergo any chemical processing, it does not release toxic substances and is safe for children’s health.

PEFC™ certification ensures that the wood does NOT come from polluted or environmentally unsound lands. Since wood is a “living material,” over time it will release what the plant has breathed during its growth, and because of this, we carefully select its origin.

Montessori teepee bed detail, babylodge

An extraordinary wood

The choice in favor of beech and not other woods is due to the inherent characteristics of the species, which are perfect for achieving a high-quality final product, both in terms of appearance and performance.

Due to its natural properties, beech wood is among the most noble and valuable timbers, and is in fact used in the production of high-end furniture.


Among the sturdiest and strongest essences.


Warm nuances, between ocher and rosé.


Thanks to the closed-pore structure.


Thanks to the straight and regular fiber.


Beech has nothing in common with softwoods, which are much poorer in performance and, consequently, much cheaper. Pine and fir wood, in fact, is characterized by a soft structure, open pores, and shades tending toward pale white or yellowish, resulting in issues in terms of strength, resin, and coloration. Indeed, to remedy these defects, pine or fir artifacts must be surface-finished with paints, oils, or primer.


Textiles and paddings

Materie prime tessili e imbottiti
Materie prime tessili e imbottiti naturali

We use only natural raw materials, free of any synthetic components, to make our accessories and complements: raw cotton, pure virgin wool, goose down and feathers, fabrics and threads of the purest cotton.

Made entirely in Italy by specialized artisan workshops, our range of padded accessories and bed textiles is safe on all types of skin, even the most delicate. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly: in fact, all materials used are reusable and recyclable.





Artisan craft, Italian quality

We rely on the craftsmanship of the best artisans, guardians of an invaluable and all-Italian tradition.

Carpenters, tailors, mattress makers: Babylodge® products are born from hands that smooth, plane, card, sew and quilt. They take shape in ateliers and workshops that brim with knowledge and creativity.

In contrast to the logic of mass production and consumption, the craftsmanship of our products represents an extraordinary seal of tradition, uniqueness and value.

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