Babylodge® Montessori beds: Italian beauty and design...tailored to the child

Design beds, cots and accessories for children

It’s easy to say Montessori beds. At Babylodge┬« we do more: true to our Italian roots, we design and manufacture high-end furniture for children, carefully selecting the raw materials and taking care of the creation down to the smallest detail.

Inspired by the Montessori pedagogy, our catalog is the result of a scrupulous planning, built around quality. Each product is designed to provide children with a beautiful, safe, free and accessible environment.

In one word, child-friendly.

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Moms and dads say

Ilenia N. Milan

I recommend to all those who care about the few essential, quality things. Babylodge® is the best that an attentive parent can find for the selection of materials that become part of our children's lives. The quality of their products - and I have bought them all for both my kids - cannot be compared to any other imitation.

Paola D. M. Milan

A dream. My son is two years old and since we gifted him with this bed, he can finally sleep alone all night. He can come to us on his own and, above all, we too can lay down next to him to make him fall asleep again!

Alessandra B. Arezzo

I have never met a customer service able to provide so much care, dedication, and kindness. I have been guided on a journey of knowledge, kindness, grace and attention. The wonderful experience with Babylodge begins with the first contact and is perfectly representative of the accuracy of each of their products. Thanks


Montessori beds

Lettino Montessori a casetta decorato con stelle e farfalle


Evolutionary Montessori bed | House design

ÔéČ 749,00

letto Montessori a capanna, lettino per bambini, babylodge


Evolutionary Montessori bed | Teepee design

ÔéČ 549,00

Lettino Montessori a baldacchino con tenda bianca, Babylodge


Evolutionary Montessori bed | Four-poster design

ÔéČ 649,00


Beauty, freedom and nature

Childhood is that crucial age in which the social and aesthetic sensibility of the individual takes shape . The adult’s creative capability and autonomy largely depend on what he saw, touched and breathed when he was a child.

Too often objects intended for children are designed and made in an approximate way, with poor quality materials and poorly designed approach.

Babylodge® combines the educational value of design with the principle of freedom of the Montessori method, always choosing the best raw materials offered by nature and relying on the skills of the best Italian craftsmen.

Because objects speak to us, even if they have no voice.
And we believe it is essential to surround children with objects of authentic quality and meaning: in a word, value.


100% NATURE, 100% SKILLS

Padded complements

materasso naturale per lettino, materasso artigianale, materasso per bambini in lana e cotone, babylodge


Children's mattress in pure virgin wool and raw cotton | 80x130 cm

ÔéČ 369,00

materasso naturale per lettino, materasso artigianale, materasso per bambini in lana e cotone, babylodge


Children's mattress in pure virgin wool and raw cotton | 80x160 cm

ÔéČ 469,00

cuscino naturale per bambini, cuscino per lettino in puro cotone


Children's pillow in pure raw cotton | 40x60 cm

ÔéČ 49,00

paracolpi lettino, riduttore per neonati, baby nest, Babylodge, riduttore per culla,


Baby bed bumper and nest in pure raw cotton | 16x210 cm | Robin's egg grey

ÔéČ 129,00

paracolpi lettino, riduttore per neonati, baby nest, Babylodge, riduttore per culla,


Baby bed bumper and nest in pure raw cotton | 16x210 cm | Sepia Rose

ÔéČ 129,00

piumino lettino in piuma d'oca naturale


Duvet insert in natural goose down | 135x200 cm

ÔéČ 299,00


Other furniture

sedia montessori, sedia bimbi, sgabello montessori


3 in 1 Montessori chair

ÔéČ 199,00

Tavolo e sedie Montessori per bambini in legno


Montessori Table

ÔéČ 149,00

lettino evolutivo a casetta, letto estensibile, letto allungabile, babylodge


Montessori bed extension kit | Var. ARIA

ÔéČ 169,00

lettino montessori evolutivo a capanna, letto allungabile, letto estensibile, babylodge


Montessori bed extension kit | Var. NUVOLA

ÔéČ 129,00

lettino evolutivo a baldacchino, letto estensibile, letto allungabile, babylodge


Montessori bed extension kit | Var. LUNA

ÔéČ 149,00


Textile accessories and d├ęcor

Adesivi murali per cameretta bimbo, adesivi da parete

DOTS wall d├ęcor

Repositionable wall stickers | Robin's egg grey

ÔéČ 29,00

Adesivi murali per cameretta, pois adesivi per parete

DOTS wall d├ęcor

Repositionable wall stickers | Sepia Rose

ÔéČ 29,00

set di tre illustrazioni per la cameretta con elefanti al tramonto appoggiate su una mensola, quadri per la cameretta


Decorative prints set | Sunset Elephants

ÔéČ 69,00

set di tre poster per bambini con giraffe e arcobaleni appoggiati su una mensola, quadri per la cameretta


Decorative prints set | Giraffes & Rainbows

ÔéČ 69,00

set di tre poster per bambini con pecorelle e nuvolette appoggiati su una mensola, quadri per la cameretta


Decorative prints set | Woolen Dreams

ÔéČ 69,00

tenda lettino montessori a casetta, babylodge


Montessori bed d├ęcor canopy | Cotton muslin | Var. ARIA

ÔéČ 139,00

tenda lettino montessori a capanna, babylodge


Montessori bed d├ęcor canopy | Cotton muslin | Var. NUVOLA

ÔéČ 129,00

tenda per lettino montessori a baldacchino, babylodge


Montessori bed d├ęcor canopy | Cotton muslin | Var. LUNA

ÔéČ 149,00

copripiumino bambini, copripiumino per lettino, sacco piumino bambino


2-piece Duvet cover set. | Robin's egg grey

ÔéČ 99,00

copripiumino bambini, copripiumino per lettino, sacco piumino bambina


2-piece Duvet cover set. | Sepia Rose

ÔéČ 99,00

lenzuola lettino grigie, lenzuola per bambini, biancheria lettino grigia, babylodge


Bed sheet set, 4 pcs. | 80x130 cm | 80x160 cm | Robin's egg grey

from ÔéČ 109,00

lenzuola lettino rosa, lenzuola per bambini, biancheria lettino rosa, babylodge


Bed sheet set, 4 pcs. | 80x130 cm | 80x160 cm | Sepia Rose

from ÔéČ 109,00

coprimaterasso lettino, copricuscino bambini, salvamaterasso bambini


Mattress cover and pillow cover set | 80x130 cm | 80x160 cm

from ÔéČ 49,00


Montessori bed. An extraordinary revolution, for over 100 years.

Maria Montessori, babylodge

ÔÇťThe child should have the right to sleep when he is sleepy, to wake when he has slept enough, and to get up as soon as he likes […] We therefore advise that the old childÔÇÖs cot should be done away with, and that in its place a very low bed should be made, which the child can enter or leave when he pleases.”

The secret of childhood, Maria Montessori, 1934.

One hundred years have gone by since Maria Montessori first explained the importance of providing children with furniture commensurate with their abilities. First of all, the bed which, to be truly used independently by the child from an early age, must have two characteristics:

"floor level" bed base

The bed's height must be "almost close to the ground" to allow the child to access it independently

without bars or rails

Access to the cot must always be free so that the child can use it as and when he wishes

An apparently trivial definition, but with a revolutionary scope because it requires a complete change of perspective from the adult.
The parent or teacher is called to listen to the child’s needs and help him “do it on his own”, respecting his times and preferences. Even in sleep management.
Montessori beds are Babylodge┬«’s speciality: we design and manufacture children’s beds in authentic Montessori style, scrupulously respecting Maria Montessori‘s guidelines and with unique attention to design and quality.


Questions and Answers

There is no precise and unique moment for everyone. In general, as there are no specific contraindications, we can say it is never too early for the child.

However, it can be for mom and dad, who sometimes need more time to understand the benefits of choosing a Montessori bed. In any case, every family knows and opts for what is best for themselves and their child, in the times and ways that are most convenient to them.

FROM BIRTH. Some opt for the Montessori bed right away, from birth. The advantage is that the child gets used to a free and open environment from the very first moments of life, there won’t be any particular transitions to deal with when he is grows up and mom and dad won’t have to buy cots, cribs or other temporary solutions.

Of course, the recommendation is to complete the bet set-up with the typical accessories that accompany the first months of a child’s life, useful for creating a safe and secure environment. Like the reducer for newborns, designed specifically to confine the baby’s space to a well-defined, soft and enveloping area, similar to a mother’s womb. In Babylodge┬« productrange you can find GIRO, developed to turn from da baby-nest into bed bumper following to the child’s age and needs.

FROM CRAWLING AGE. There is a specific moment of child development in which the Montessori bed expresses its full potential: it is crawling age, usually between 7 and 9 months of age, according to each one. It is the stage in which the child begins to become aware of his body and his movement abilities. When he realizes he can govern his own movements and displacements, just like he sees grownups do. It is an extremely intense phase, which is also accompanied by a strong desire for discovery. This is a very important moment, in which the child benefits greatly, from every point of view, from the opportunity to learn to “do it by him self”.

Babylodge┬« Montessori beds are suitable and safe for all children, starting from birth or crawling up to 6 years of age. Furthermore, since children become very attached to their cot, they are conceived in an evolutionary key: through the PI├Ö extension kit, they can be lengthened to follow the child’s growth up to the age of 11.

The answer is: a lot! ­čÖé

Choosing a (real) Montessori bed brings important benefits to the child, to the parents and, more generally, to the whole family routine. The implications are many and various and involve practical, pedagogical and emotional aspects.

    • The child can get in and out of his bed on his own, according to his own times, preferences and needs. This gradually leads to a greater awareness of oneself and one’s needs, and to an increasingly independent physical, cognitive and emotional development.
    • Since it has no bars, the cot is not experienced by the child as a place of “constriction”, but as a space of freedom and tranquillity.
    • Going to bed will no longer be a forced, unilateral imposition of the adult on the will of the child, but a free and shared activity, a new ritual of joy, play and peacefulness.
    • No risk of falling: you don’t fall off the ground.
    • No sense of imprisonment: if he wants to get up when he wakes up, he can do so without having to call someone or climb over the bars like a fugitive, risking getting hurt.
    • Without constrictive and containing elements, the child feels his parents trust him, and thanks to this he will be able to develop self-esteem and confidence in his own abilities
    • Sleeping management changes completely, becoming more comfortable, practical and natural for everyone. Instead of bending down and placing the child in the crib with bars, mom and dad can sit or lie down next to him, stay close and wait for him to fall asleep.
    • Since there are no barriers in between, there is continuity of contact between mother and child, which is particularly important with the little ones.
    • Day after day, bedtime routine ÔÇô both day naps and night sleep – will become more constant and regular.

In Babylodge┬« we have the chance and honor of entering the homes of many families and furnishing the bedrooms of many children. We meet and have met many parents, each with their own concerns and fears. It is absolutely normal to have some doubts at the beginning: the choice in favor of a Montessori bed undermines a cultural heritage deeply rooted in us. Above all, it leads us to admit that sometimes our choices are not dictated by satisfying the child’s needs, but by the need to reassure us as parents.

This is why choosing a Montessori bed is an act of great love and trust in your kids.

Our wood: pure essence

We use PEFCÔäó certified, untreated, solid beech wood, coming from German state forests.

Selecting the best wood essence available allows us not to add anything to the natural wood, no paints, resins or other chemical treatment. Not being subjected to any chemical process, it does not release toxic substances and is safe for children’s health.

It’s an expensive choice, but it makes us feel proud: each of our products, and in particular each of our Montessori beds, is not only safe for children, but also truly respects nature, celebrating it in its purest form.

Ultra natural fibers

To make our accessories we use only natural materials, free of any synthetic component.

Raw cotton, pure virgin wool, goose down and feathers, pure cotton fabrics and threads: like wood, these ingredients are so noble that they do not require any artificial treatment.

Our range is entirely breathable and hypoallergenic, therefore safe for children, reusable and recyclable, and respectful of the environment.

Authentic Italian craftsmanship

We rely on the expertise of the best craftsmen, guardian of a precious Italian tradition.

Carpenters, tailors, mattress makers: Babylodge® products are born from hands that smooth, plane, card, sew and quilt. They take shape in ateliers and workshops that brim with knowledge and creativity.

Contrariamente alla logica del consumo di massa, da sempre in Babylodge┬« crediamo nel valore dellÔÇÖartigianalit├á e del design per ottenere prodotti capaci di andare oltre il tempo e le mode.


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